For us in Unison equality means recognising that no two people are alike, and appreciating that everyone has an equal right to be treated with dignity and respect.  We dont mean treating everyone the same, we mean making sure everyone is treated fairly and given the same opportunities specific to thier needs including areas of gender, disability, race, religion or beleif, sexual orientation and age.

Equality is not a minority issue or an optional extra, equality matters to every one of us.  We want to celebrate our multicultural and diverse society and champion our memebers’ rights as women, and thier rights as black, disabled, lesbian, gay, transgender, young and older workers.  

One of the ways Unison promtes equality is through Self Organised Groups (SOGs).  SOGs bring together members from the afore-mentioned under-represented groups.  Through these groups we can identify and challenge discrimination and build equality.  It is also a way for members to get involved in the union, develop thier own skills, expertise, confidence and have fun!      

For anybody who is interested in joining a Self Organised Group, or for more information please contact us at office@yhe.org.uk