Top Tips

 Social Media

Nine out of Ten of us have a social media page in one form or another be it Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or even your own blog page and we simply forget that the information that we post on these sites is open for others to read.  Without intentionally doing so we may be putting ourselves in a tenuous  position with our employers.  

Most large companies  will be looking to introduce a Social Media policy aimed at both damage limitation and ensuring the well being of their staff.

If you use social media in any way shape or form please remember to follow these simple rules.

  • Make sure your site is as secure as you can make it, whilst this doesn’t necessarily protect you it does limit the area of exposure that you have.
  • Be mindful of who you give access to.
  • If you allow others to comment or post on your site then monitor them regularly and remove any inappropriate comments. 
  • Do not make reference to the company that you work for.
  • Do not post or allow others to post anything that could be taken as defamatory,  harassing, obscene, libellous or otherwise unlawful or offensive.
  • Do not post anything that contains personal threats or insults relating to gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic, racial, religious or other protected characteristics under equality law.
  • Be mindful of what pictures and videos you allow to be posted of you.

If the company does have such a policy make sure that you read it thoroughly and if there is a disclaimer they suggest you use then use it.    These are some simple tips that may go towards ensuring that you do not breach the social media policy of your workplace, please bear in mind these are just a few ideas to support you but if in doubt you should always be able to approach your own manager or HR department for advice on any policy within your workplace.


This information is for guidance only