Useful Links

Lifelong Learning
Leading website for the encouragement, promotion and development of lifelong learning. Supported by the Department for Education and Skills

Lifelong Learning UK
Sector Skills Council responsible for the professional development of all those working in community learning and development; further and higher education; libraries, archives and information services; and work-based learning

Trades Union Congress
With more than 70 member unions representing nearly seven million working people from all walks of life, the TUC campaigns for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad


Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS)
The employment relations experts. ACAS helps people work together effectively, including setting up the right structures and systems to finding a way of settling disputes when things go wrong

DTI Employment Matters
Useful documents, consultations, case studies and points of law covered on this government website

Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT)
A Superior Court of Record dealing with appeals from decisions made by employment tribunals

EU labour law
European Commission employment and social affairs website includes key documents, legal explanations and news

Incorporated Council of Law Reporting
Prepares and publishes reports of judicial decisions in England and Wales, including free previews of key employment law cases

Information Commissioner’s Office
Independent authority set up to promote access to official information and protect personal information

Institute of Employment Rights
The Institute has been working for nearly 20 years to provide the labour movement with the information and history needed to develop an alternative and more equitable framework of labour law.

International Labour Organisation
Homepage for this cross-border employment alliance

Public Concern At Work
Independent authority seeking to aid whistleblowers and ensure that concerns about malpractice are properly raised and addressed in the workplace

Work Wise UK
Union-backed initiative to encourage smarter working practices to the benefit of business, employees and the country as a whole


Association of Electricity Producers
Trade association for the UK electricity market, representing companies generating electricity using coal, gas and nuclear power as well as renewable sources such as wind, biomass and water

Energy Networks Association
Industry body funded by UK gas and electricity transmission and distribution licence holders to provide a strategic focus

Energy Retail Association
Collective voice of the UK’s domestic gas and electricity suppliers

European Union energy policies
Overview of European law, implementation of legislation and general information

Office of Gas and Electricty Markets
Regulates gas and electricity industries in Great Britain. Aims is to bring choice and value to all gas and electricity customers by promoting competition and regulating monopolies

Health and safety

American Safety and Health Institute
A partnering association dedicated to designing and delivering superior instructional programmes with a worldwide reach, and to fostering a learning process that advances the wellbeing of organisations and individuals

The UK’s leading health and safety magazine offers practical, up-to-date information for health and safety reps and others

Health and Safety Executive
Press releases, statistics, publications and many free health and safety leaflets which can be downloaded and printed

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Trades Union Congress
Includes the complete updated version of the TUC’s guide to health and safety, Hazards at Work, plus links to many other useful health and safety websites


Centre for Housing Policy
Leading centre for housing and social policy research in the UK, providing evidence for national and local government, voluntary and charitable organisations on research subjects including homelessness, home ownership and neighbourhoods

For all things housing. Includes general information, contact data & housing stock figures for every housing association and local authority in the UK

Inside Housing
Social housing news and information

International Union of Tenants
Non-governmental organisation founded in Switzerland in 1926 to safeguard the interests of tenants

National Housing Federation
Body styling itself as the voice of affordable housing, representing 1300 independent social housing associations in England, which provide around 2 million homes for 5 million people

UK-wide charity working to improve the lives of homeless and badly housed people

Human rights and civil liberties

Campaign for Freedom of Information
Non-profit organisation working to improve public access to official information and ensure the Freedom of Information Act is implemented effectively

European Commission Humanitarian Aid
Information on the EU’s response to humanitarian disasters worldwide

European Court of Human Rights
Homepage for the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Home Office
Government department responsible for internal affairs in England and Wales. It is charged with building a safe, just and tolerant society

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Plays a leading role on human rights issues and emphasises the importance of human rights at international and national levels

Independent research and education trust dedicated to the preservation of civil liberties and democratic standards in Europe

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
Massive international human rights database


The Competition Commission
Independent public body which conducts in-depth inquiries into mergers, markets and the regulation of the major regulated industries

Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
The OFT plays a leading role in promoting and protecting consumer interests throughout the UK, while ensuring that businesses are fair and competitive

Information resource centres and directories

Advice Guide
Online service from the Citizens Advice Bureau, providing practical, reliable, up-to-date information on a wide range of topics, including benefits, housing, employment and debt, consumer and legal issues

British Library
The British Library’s collection of over 150 million items covers every age and place of written civilisation, from unique historical documents to the latest information sources for business, industry and research

Citizens Advice Bureau
Details of your nearest CAB office, breakdowns of social policy issues and latest CAB news

The easy way to government information and services online

House of Commons Library Research Papers
Access to the text of research papers compiled for the benefit of British MPs. Usually deal with topics of current parliamentary interest and aim to be politically impartial

London Business School
For all sorts of business, finance and management education programmes

World Factbook
Geo-political information and statistics produced by the CIA